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Aromamizer Supreme RDTA 7ml

Item Code: SC202
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Add Single coil plugs

Single coil plugs for Aromamizer Supreme RDTA 7ml and 4ml versions

It have 2 ceramic plugs to block air hole, and 2 silicone plugs to block juice feeding holes.

2 different ceramic plugs, one with drilled air hole to concentrate airflow and improve flavor taste, another without driller air hole to have tight draw airflow.

So you have 3 different options for single coil builds:

  1. Use ceramic plug without driller hole, Block air hole and juice hole in one side, you will have very tight draw for MTL vape

  2. Use ceramic plug with drilled hole and silicone plug, you will have bigger airflow

  3. Only use silicone plug to block juice holes, you will have huge airflow

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